We're going to keep this brief and let the facts speak for themselves.

The short of it is this: Several newsrooms, including CBS News, ESPN, and the Huffington Post, conducted surveys recently to gauge what Americans think of the NFL national anthem protests and President Trump's many criticisms of the football players who participate in them.

Opinions varied, of course, but the surveys found two things: People disapprove of Trump's response, and they really disapprove of the protests.

Amazingly enough, however, the same newsrooms that conducted the surveys either highlighted disapproval for Trump or flat-out dismissed the protest criticism, as The Blaze's Leon Wolf noted Friday.

The ESPN survey found that respondents oppose the protests 51 to 39 percent. Yet, this is the headline ESPN ran Friday: "ESPN survey shows Americans interested, divided on NFL protests during national anthem."

The CBS survey found something similar: 52 percent of respondents oppose the protests, while only 38 approve. This is the headline that CBS ran Friday: "Democrats, Republicans divide over NFL protests, Trump comments – poll."

A separate HuffPost/YouGov survey found that 48 percent of respondents characterized the protests as "inappropriate," while 42 percent said they "strongly disapproved" of Trump's response. Twelve percent also said they "somewhat disapprove" of the president's criticism. Yet, this is how the Huffington Post framed the news: "Americans Don't Like The NFL Protests, But They Really Don't Like Trump's Response." Fair enough.

In its coverage of the HuffPost/YouGov survey, AOL published a story titled, "Poll: Majority disapproves of President Trump's response to NFL protests."

Notably absent from these headlines are mentions of what is arguably the biggest finding: That respondents really dislike the NFL protests.

Not all is lost, though. At least a few newsrooms took a crack at giving readers a broader view of the data.

The Washington Post, for its part, ran a report about the CBS survey titled, "NFL players' protests, Trump's response both receive low marks in new poll."

See? Was that so hard?