Republicans in Congress may not have a tax reform plan to put forward before the August recess, White House press secretary Sean Spicer hinted Monday amid reports that the White House had hit a roadblock in discussions over a tax overhaul.

"Obviously, that still would be a great opportunity, before they leave for August recess," Spicer said of when the White House and congressional Republicans might unveil their plan. "But we're going to make sure we do this right."

The White House has previously said it would aim to have tax reform legislation completed before lawmakers leave Washington for a lengthy recess in August.

But administration officials have reportedly encountered challenges as they attempt to piece together a coherent plan from an ideologically diverse team of advisers. There has been debate over the plan put forward on corporate tax reform in the House because it would tax imports but not exports under a concept called border adjustment.

"I think that what you're seeing is us going through this process," Spicer said, noting Trump's economic aides have been "sitting down internally and beginning that process of meeting with groups that have been adocating with tax reforms since 1986."