White House spokesman Josh Earnest indicated Wednesday that President Obama continues to use a pseudonym in his email correspondence.

"Obviously, his email address is not bobama@whitehouse.gov," Earnest told reporters when asked.

Obama told late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel Monday night that he's very careful about what he writes in electronic correspondence because he expects all of it to become public some day.

"As President Obama told noted presidential inquisitor Jimmy Kimmel," he watches his words, Earnest said Wednesday. But he did say Obama does communicate by email sometimes.

The hacked emails of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state and those of her campaign chairman, John Podesta, all illegally obtained and posted by WikiLeaks, revealed that Obama used a pseudonym in his correspondence with Clinton that went through her private email server.

This story was corrected to fix Earnest's quote on how Obama is not using his first initial and last name in his email, and other related corrections.