Are prayers offered to those affected by human tragedy worthless? Are they just empty words and thoughts that take no action?

Most Americans have felt or been impacted by prayer and their faith; many consider their relationship with God to be their top priority in life. More than half of Americans pray every day, according to Pew Research. When they offer prayer, they offer to use this most valued relationship to help others in need.

While many see prayer as impactful in a time of crisis, unfortunately, many on the Left launched an attack on its legitimacy and its impact.

One of the leading trends this week was #thoughtsandprayers — but not for the reason you would suspect. It was dominated by those mocking those sending thoughts and prayers to the victims.

But it wasn't just fringe activists on the Internet that led this charge.

Igor Volsky, deputy director of the Center for American Progress Action, one of the biggest progressive groups, tweeted, "@SenJoniErnst took $3,124,273 from @NRA to pray about gun violence but do nothing about it."

Are you noticing the trend?

They are all working off of coordinated talking points, and it's all about trying to gain politically. Despite offering no specific solution that would have prevented the Las Vegas massacre, they are pushing for the same gun control agenda they have pushed for years, whether or not it relates to this shooting. We are still learning the full details of what weapons the killer used and how they were acquired — only after we have those facts should we discuss our laws.

It's disappointing enough to try to take political advantage from a tragedy without the facts, but why also disrespect those of us who put heavy value on prayer?

Unfortunately, it seems like a philosophical difference on who has the most power: government or God? If you believe God has no power to change what our experience is on Earth, then you believe that government (or maybe businesses and people) need to act for anything to be accomplished. That seems to be the prevailing view on the Left.

Winning elections or changing laws cannot prevent mass murderers; these laws haven't prevented tragedies when tried elsewhere.

The impact of prayer, while difficult to measure, is seen by Americans who use it — otherwise, why would they do it? With 55 percent of Americans praying every day and 45 percent relying on prayer and religious reflection to make major decisions, our leaders and our peers should be respectful of our beliefs and not minimize them in order to meet their political goals.

Ron Meyer (@Ron4VA) is a Washington Examiner columnist and the editor of Red Alert Politics (a sister publication of the Washington Examiner). He's also a supervisor of Loudoun County, Va. (R-Broad Run).