On Monday morning, a suspected terrorist attempted to attack innocent civilians in New York City when a device strapped to his body detonated during a busy rush hour commute at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

While police said the only injury reported so far was to the suspect, it's still a concerning turn of events that fractures one's sense of security. Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said he believes the attack is connected to the Islamic State.

So, why is President Trump's first tweet after an attack of this nature (something he usually jumps the gun on when the facts aren't immediately known) about "Fake News?"

It's not like Trump doesn't know what's going on. According to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, the president has been briefed on the situation.

Trump has been vigilant about confronting global terrorism, even wanting to buck political correctness and dub it as "radical Islamic terrorism." It's a charged term that his critics have had an easy time hitting him with, especially since his response to attacks committed by white supremacists is muted at best.

Trump shouldn't make assumptions when he tweets right after terror attacks, but he should tweet that we'll stand up to ISIS and terrorists once the relevant facts have been confirmed.

We don't need a tweet from the president rebuking a story about his television watching habits. We need presidential leadership in trying times like today. This is not it.