It has just been announced that Prince Henry (Harry) will marry Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

But May 19th is also the day of Britain's Super Bowl: soccer's FA Cup Final.

That Harry is thus denying British sports fans the right to watch both his wedding and the cup final is a solemn betrayal of the nation. Indeed, Shakespeare's Henry V even comes to mind: "To mark the full-fraught man and best indued with some suspicion. I will weep for thee; For this revolt of thine, methinks, is like another fall of man."

Well, not really.

To be perfectly honest, I have no interest in watching the wedding, my only hope is that it is secure and happy.

Nevertheless, for some Americans, like my colleague Siraj Hashmi, this is an immense tragedy. Siraj and company wished to watch both the cup final (it will surely be my beloved Everton vs. Manchester United) and the wedding celebrations at Windsor Castle. They want to see sporting athleticism and high society razzmatazz. They wanted to see royals in revelry and relentless rambunctiousness from Wayne Rooney!

Now they'll have to pick one or the other.

Still, I think I know why Prince Harry chose this day.

First off, he's notoriously disinterested in public attention. By putting his wedding on the day of the FA Cup Final, Harry therefore ensures at least some small measure of soccer fans will be distracted away from his personal life.

Second, Harry is a cheeky whippersnapper of the finest order.

By this, I mean that Prince Henry of Wales (a name he shares with another great Briton) likes his jokes. As such, Harry probably takes great enjoyment in forcing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of British men to forgo watching the FA Cup Final so as to watch the royal wedding with their girlfriends or wives.

It's all quite clever.