Nicolas Maduro, the leftist leader of a once-wealthy Venezuela that is starving under his socialist leadership, had some unusually kind words for President Trump on Sunday.

"We are bringing products imported by the revolutionary government from several sister nations: Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua — little Nicaragua, our beloved Nicaragua — and even the United States. Comrade Trump is offering me [basic food products] at a good price."

At this point, he reacted to incredulity on the part of the crowd by adding, "Seriously! There will be surprises."

The remarks came right in the middle of Maduro's deadly dull, four-hour Sunday television program, Domingos con Maduro, which broadcast this Sunday from Yaracuy. Maduro was discussing his government's version of the Ministry of Plenty, known by the acronym "CLAP," when he added that there would be food imports to complement anemic Venezuelan production.

Last week, Maduro spoke some (really almost indecipherable) English as he urged Trump not to listen to the Venezuelan opposition.