Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants people who eat meat to hunt for their own food, or at least get familiar with where their dinner lives.

The clean air advocate displayed his meat cookers on Sunday during a pre presidential debate Facebook video. Sitting in front of Big Green Egg and an offset grill he called "The General" that was belching smoke, Zuckerberg said "it does consume a lot of wood and a lot of charcoal."

The billionaire said that he began hunting four or five years ago and he prefers to eat what he kills.

"Half of the joy is things taste better when you make them yourself, and they taste doubly better when you've hunted the animal yourself. Whether you're fishing for the salmon, or going hunting for a boar, that's a big part of it. You feel more connected to what you're doing, to what you're eating, and you cook it yourself and it's this whole experience," he said in the 30-minute video interchange with fans.

"It's a good way to feel connected to nature," he said, adding, "I feel like if you're going to eat meat then you should be a part of getting, you should get to know where it comes from."

On his Big Green Egg were two racks of ribs he flavored with Sweet Baby Rays sauce and brisket was on the smoker.

"I'm the meat chef," he said.

His hometown of Palo Alto bans wood burning fireplaces and wood fires in park grills, but not home grills. One viewer apparently thought the grills were on fire, to which Zuckerberg said, "It's not a fire, it's smoke."

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com