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Conway: Clinton's 'scandalabra' catching up with her

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Hillary Clinton's "scandalabra" is catching up with her as controversies surrounding her family's foundation and private email server continue to dog her campaign, and have led to sinking poll numbers.

"This is somebody who has already proven how she would handle classified information, confidential information, and frankly, how she handles lying about lying," said Conway on Fox News Thursday. "That's a difficulty here. I think you said 99 percent chance that five different foreign nations hacked [Clinton's private email server]. I think there's a 100 percent chance that all this scandalabra is catching up with her in the polls."

Asked to comment on recent reports suggesting that the feds may pursue an indictment, Conway asked the anchor to clarify if they were talking about the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play allegations.

"We have to keep our FBI investigations into Hillary [Clinton] straight," said Conway, who argued that Democrats are beginning to recognize that their candidate is in big trouble.

"They say lock her up. I say prop her up. She's got everybody from the president to the first lady, vice president, her husband, propping her up," said Conway. "She's just so negative. This is not the Democratic Party I grew up where it's aspirational, forward looking. It's all political destruction by her and I think it's going backfire."

"I think the excuse to vote against Hillary has married up with for the reason to vote for Donald Trump. You'll see that in the polls. We're going to win," she predicted.