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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claims Russians tried to swing him against US sanctions law

071317 Rohrabacher Russia Overture pic
Rohrabacher is known for his pro-Russia views. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke, File)

Two months before Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian attorney promising damaging information on Hillary Clinton, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said he received an overture from the chief prosecutor in Moscow offering him information about a U.S. law opposed by Russia.

Rohrabacher, R-Calif, who is known for his pro-Russia views, told The Hill that the Moscow prosecutor offered information about a Russian fraud case that led to the passage in Congress of the Magnitsky Act. That law imposed American sanctions on Russians suspected of human rights abuses. Russian President Vladimir Putin retaliated by banning American families from adopting Russian children.

"I had a meeting with some people, government officials, and they were saying, ‘Would you be willing to accept material on the Magnitsky case from the prosecutors in Moscow? ‘And I said, ‘Sure, I'd be willing to look at it,'" Rohrabacher told the Hill.

Rohrabacher, who was taking what he described as a congressional fact-finding trip to Russia, said he received a package of documents on behalf of the prosecutor. He said he shared the information with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Trump Jr. acknowledged this week he accepted a meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya because she promised to provide him with incriminating information about Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.

President Trump's eldest son claims most of the conversation at the meeting involved the Russian adoption ban and the Magnitsky Act.