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Trump's manager: Climate change is real but not man-made

092716-Feldscher Trump climate switch pic
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believes climate change is happening, but does not believe that it's man-made. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believes climate change is happening, but does not believe that it's man-made, his campaign manager told CNN Tuesday morning.

Kellyanne Conway was confronted on CNN's "New Day" with past Trump tweets about global warming where the real estate mogul referred to global warming and climate change as a "hoax invented by and for the Chinese," a "lie" and "bull—-."

Trump has long been one of the most prominent climate change doubters in the country, and has tweeted at least 78 times to disbelief in climate change. He has also indicated that his specific complaint with the theory is that human activity is causing climate change, and Conway said that's where he stands.

"He believes that global warming is naturally occurring," she said. "That climate change is naturally occurring and that shifts are naturally occurring."

When CNN's Allison Camerota asked Conway if Trump simply believes the idea that climate change is man-made is a hoax, Conway said, "I didn't say that."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confronted Trump over his climate change beliefs in Monday night's presidential debate.

Clinton ripped Trump for a November 2012 tweet, which is still live on Trump's Twitter feed, where he said climate change was invented by the Chinese in order to cripple U.S. manufacturing. Trump denied ever tweeting that thought, but the tweet quickly became the most retweeted post on Twitter during the debate.

Earlier in the campaign, Trump promised to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency as a part of his plans to shrink the federal budget deficit. In a speech last week, he backed off that plan and instead promised to refocus the EPA on providing clean water and clean air instead of fighting climate change.