President Trump's pick to be the next FBI director earned $9.2 million in his annual partnership share with King & Spalding, according to newly released financial documents.

Christopher Wray, who has been a partner at the law firm for roughly 12 years, will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday for his confirmation hearing.

According to his Senate questionnaire, Wray said he expected to receive a partnership distribution from King & Spalding on July 17 worth $888,000. He said he would receive another $815,000 for the month of July if he continued to be a partner at the law firm.

When Wray leaves King & Spalding officially upon being confirmed as the new FBI director, he said he will receive the full return of his paid in capital by the end of July — $1.27 million.

His financial documents also show he provided legal services to companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Wells Fargo. Wray also gave legal services to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and three confidential U.S. organizations he could not list because "they are subject to non-public investigations."

Wray has worked in the federal government before, having been the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's Criminal Division from 2003 to 2005.

He's also been in the Senate hot seat — he's testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee four times. He's argued before the Supreme Court as well.

Trump nominated Wray in early June after firing former FBI Director James Comey in May.