Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Friday night he will endorse Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the presidential election.

"I do think Marco's best position in this election is about the future," Jindal told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.

Rubio has collected more endorsements of senators and U.S. representatives than any other candidate, but Jindal is only the second governor to announce his support for the senator.

Jindal was the third Republican to drop out of the race in mid-November, citing he did not believe it was his time. Jindal suspended his campaign on Van Susteren's show and said he would pledge support to a candidate at the right time, though many expected him to endorse a fellow \evangelical, like Sen. Ted Cruz or Ben Carson.

Rubio welcomed the endorsement, telling Van Susteren shortly after he believed Jindal would "be a big boost" to the campaign as the news comes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday.

"He's gonna be a huge asset to our campaign," Rubio said, adding, "I think he's got a huge future in American politics."