Jon Ossoff will be a panelist at Netroots Nation's conference in Atlanta on Saturday speaking about how to win elections — even though he lost his race earlier this summer.

The progressive organization's annual conference will feature Ossoff, the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional District special election, and three others in a Saturday morning panel "Leaving it all on the Field: The Midterm Elections in the Resistance Era."

Daily Kos Political Director David Nir, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Communications Director Carolyn Fiddler, a potential Democratic congressional candidate Lauren Underwood, and Ossoff will discuss how to win midterm elections.

Netroots Nation cited redistricting as a leading factor in Democrats' electoral losses in recent years.

"Democrats have suffered severe losses in recent midterm elections. Because of redistricting, the 2010 elections devastated the party so badly that we have not yet been able to recover. And 2014 wasn't much better," the organization wrote in an online description of the event.

"But the party in control of the White House usually loses ground in the midterms — and because of Trump, progressives are more mobilized than they have been in a decade."

Ossoff's participation in the panel comes nearly two months after he lost a fierce fight for now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price's seat.

However, Netroots Nation's website does not list Ossoff's biography on the event page, but does so for every other panelist.

When asked about the missing information, a spokesperson said they are "just a little backed up."

Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handel in mid-June after spending $24 million on his campaign compared to her $4 million.