The term "alt-right" was coined in 2010 by socialist and white supremacist Richard Spencer. It has never been an entity within the Republican Party or conservative movement. The term specifically refers to an "alternative" to the Right, alluding to Spencer's fantasy of invading the conservative movement in order to change it into a radical Leftist movement.

Spencer's plan to alter the conservative movement, however, has not worked. And why would it? He is a socialist who stands for everything the right is against. Anybody paying attention will notice that we freedom fighters do not respect Spencer, and he doesn't respect us either, oftentimes referring to us as "cucks" and "the fake right."

Spencer's biggest problems with conservatives is our championing of individuality and free markets. He would rather see a Republican-socialist alliance, which is a paradox.

The alt-right leader criticizes free markets, agreeing with communist Karl Marx that capitalism is to blame for an "undifferentiated, alienated proletarian mass." These are anything but viewpoints held by "the Right."

To take the matter further, Spencer also advocates for a single-payer, universal healthcare system, stating that the United States could benefit from imitating "democratic socialist countries" in Europe.

Along with suggesting that government control healthcare, Spencer also states his case for being against the pro-life movement. In accordance with the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, Spencer takes a pro-choice stance for eugenics purposes. The national-socialist states that outlawing abortion would increase the population of minorities.

Despite having horrible views on politics and ethics, Spencer does know what he's doing. The current political climate makes right now the best opportunity for him to gain popularity.

The hysterical Left jumps at every opportunity they can to label even the most mundane and non-radical ideas "fascism." By this premise, Spencer knows that when a real white supremacist, such as himself, becomes vocal, Leftists will cry louder. Except less people are likely to believe them, because more and more people are learning to tune out the cries coming from the Left, as their temper tantrums have become commonplace.

Nonetheless, it is clear, based on Spencer's previous statements, that he is a socialist, and we conservatives have rejected this socialist from our movement. If the Left truly finds opinions such as Spencer's problematic, they should begin correcting the issue by joining conservatives in rejecting socialism from their movement as well.

Socialism, whether it is adorned with a hammer and sickle or a swastika, is responsible for killing millions of people throughout history. It is fundamentally anti-American, and no political party should ever invite it into their worlds.

Alana Mastrangelo is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. She is a political activist and writer.

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