Considering his disregard for taxpayer money and his arrogant lack of humility, now-former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, had to go.

Trump was elected on a promise to "drain the swamp" of special interest-cronyism, so his decision to fire Price is unsurprising.

(Technically, Price offered his resignation and Trump accepted it. But come on.)

Indeed, of all the president's men, Price should have been astute to the need to avoid the appearance of cronyism. After all, Price has epitomized those special interests in recent years. In repeated stock trades that generated vast short-term returns, Price gave off an aura of cronyism. Then, in his ensuing legislative action to advance his stock interests, Price wafted with a stench of insider pay-to-play style corruption.

Still, it wasn't until Price became HHS secretary, and jaunted around the world in private and military jets, that his inability to serve became self-evident. As I noted earlier Friday morning, it's easy to understand why Price quickly fell in love with using military jets: he liked flying for free in five-star hotel-style luxury!

Yet it is exceptionally hard to understand why Price kept up his extravagant living when his boss, the president, prioritized a public relations message of saving taxpayer money. Did he think the media wouldn't find out what he was doing?

That said, it was Price's awful appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier on Thursday evening, that hammered the final nail into his HHS coffin. Questioned by Baier as to why he flew so many times at such unnecessary expense to the taxpayer, Price offered a mix of pathetic excuses, half-hearted apologies, and genuine confusion.

For Trump, enough was enough.

So what now for the short-lived Cabinet official? Well, as my colleague Emily Jashinsky suggests, Price should now dip into his stock earnings and pay back the government for his aerial adventurism.