President Trump on Friday downplayed the likelihood that the government will shut down next week in the absence of funding legislation, which Congress must pass by April 28 to keep federal agencies running.

"I think we're in good shape," Trump told reporters at the White House.

Republicans and Democrats have both expressed their desire to avoid a stand-off that would shutter the government by the end of the month.

However, the Trump administration has hinted that it would like to see appropriations for the border wall included in the funding legislation, setting lawmakers up for a bitter debate that could prevent a spending bill from passing before the deadline.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Friday that White House aides "remain confident that we are not going to have a shutdown."

If members fail to agree on a funding mechanism by next Friday, the government will shut down on Trump's 100th day in office. Administration officials have indicated they would prefer to keep the government open as the president reaches that symbolic milestone.