President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions crossed paths at the White House on Monday for the first time since differences bewteen the two men became public, during the president's second full Cabinet meeting of his administration.

Sessions sat across from Trump, one seat to the president's right on Monday morning. According to a White House pool report, the attorney general was right in Trump's line of sight as he addressed reporters, but he did not mention Sessions.

Trump and Sessions are not believed to have spoken since the president originally expressed his displeasure with the attorney general in a New York Times interview.

Since then, Trump has criticized Sessions on Twitter and in news conferences, fueling speculation that Sessions would either resign or Trump would fire him.

Neither has happened yet and Sessions has made it clear that though the tensions exist, he will not be leaving his post.

A photo from the cabinet meeting shows Trump and Sessions both not looking at one another.

Sessions has been going to weekly lunch meetings at the White House, but there have been no reports of he and Trump talking. Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump's presidential campaign during the primary, and Sessions was Trump's first Cabinet appointment.

Trump has particularly expressed disappointment that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. That is now being led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said last week that Trump had not spoken with Sessions, adding, "you can be disappointed in someone but still want them to continue to do their job."